2023: Tuesday April 18th, 10:00 – 16:30

Host: Linda Litlekalsøy Aase and Svein Tore Bergstuen


Registration and coffee



Marianne Wik Sætre, DNB and One Ocean Conference Steering Committee



Opening Speech
Bjørnar Selnes Skjæran, Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy


A healthy ocean that benefits everyone
Peter Thomson, The UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean

An Ocean of climate solutions
Peter de Menocal, President and Director at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

How to secure safety and contribute to a cleaner ocean
Knut Arild Hareide, Director General of Shipping and Navigation, Norwegian Maritime Authority


Transformations for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Erna Solberg, former Prime Minister of Norway ( 2013-2021), Co-chair of the High-level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy(2018-2021)

Ocean Talk: How can the authorities accelerate a responsible ocean industry transition?

Minister Bjørnar Skjæran and Erna Solberg in conversation with Svein Tore Bergstuen

The future of green shipping

Synnøve Seglem, President, Norwegian Shipowners Association

How to grow offshore wind?

Beate Myking, Senior Vice President Renewable Solutions, Equinor

Opportunities for growth in the seafood industry

Henning Beltestad, CEO, Lerøy

Financing the Ocean transition

Jan Ole Huseby, Global Head Ocean Industries, DNB

Digital solutions accelerating Ocean opportunities

Craig Churhill, COO, Tidal-X, The Moonshot Factory

Ocean Talk: How to secure capital for investments in activities to reach net zero

Erna Solberg, Beate Myking and Jan Ole Huseby in conversation with Linda L. Aase




AFTERNOON SESSIONS: How can we accelerate responsible transition for the ocean industries?

How to transform shipping towards zero emissions

Host: Ada Jacobsen, CEO, Maritime CleanTech

A sustainable future for the ocean industries starts with green maritime operations. Removing emissions from shipping requires rapid green innovation and significant investments – starting now.

The decarbonization dilemma in deep-sea shipping

Harald Fotland, CEO, Odfjell SE

Tackling the transformation together

Roger Strevens, VP Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Scaling electric and hydrogen solutions

Heidi Wolden, CEO, Norled

Challenges and opportunities – one ton at a time en route to zero

Siv Remøy-Vangen, CEO, Norwegian Electric Systems

Barrier Talk

Harald Fotland, Odfjell
Roger Strevens, Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Heidi Wolden, Norled
Siv Remøy-Vangen, Norwegian Electric Systems
Ada Jacobsen, NCE Maritime CleanTech

How to secure global renewable energy from the Ocean?

Host: Kai Stoltz, GCE Ocean Technology

The world is in critical demand for more renewable energy. The ocean offers enormous potential for secure, clean and green energy and a carbon negative future.

Perspectives from a global offshore wind developer

Sebastian Bringsværd, Senior Vice President, Mainstream RenewablePower

Energy solutions with offshore hydrogen production

Kristin Husby Mork, Commercial Director, TechnipFMC New Energy

How do we make Floating Wind relevant?

Per Lund, CEO, Odfjell Oceanwind

The total human footprint in the ocean, is there space enough for everyone?

Johanna Myrseth Aarflot, Researcher, Institute of Marine Research

Energy Talk

Sebastian Bringsværd, Mainstream Renewable Power
Kristin Husby Mork, TechnipFMC New Energy Ventures
Per Lund, Odfjell Oceanwind
Johanna Myrseth Aarflot, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research
Kai Stoltz, GCE Ocean Technology

How can sustainable seafood meet future protein demand?

Host: Nina Stangeland, CEO, NCE Seafood Innovation

With global population forecast to hit 9bn by 2030, we will need to produce at least 25% more food than today. Half of the habitable land is already used for agriculture. How can the ocean both alleviate pressure on land area and secure growing future protein demand?

Sustainability as key success factor for growth in aquaculture

Catarina Martins, Chief Technology and Sustainable Officer, Mowi

Digitalization as a driving force for sustainable seafood growth

Stig Martin Fiskå, Head of AI Cognizant and Head of Cognizant Ocean, Cognizant

New technology driving the green shift in aquaculture

Vidar Rabben, CEO, Fjord Maritime

Sustainable feed ingredients are crucial for growth in the aquaculture industry

Matts Johansen, CEO, AkerBiomarine

How can more food be obtained from the ocean?

Dag Lorents Aksnes, Professor, University of Bergen

Seafood Talk


Walking with courage, endurance and motivation in the phase of unknown. 

Hedvig Hjertaker

Closing remarks

Linda Litlekalsøy Aase and Svein Tore Bergstuen

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